December 5, 2011

Our Scottish Xmas Podcast

DSC00206Small.jpgXmas is upon us dear listeners and your Enterprise Europe Network Scotland team took some time out from their Xmas party to send you a warming Xmas podcast.

As you relax nibbling a mince pie and sipping on your extra hot gingerbread latte, the team will tell you about the Xmas traditions across Europe, and Eric the Dog does what dogs do near trees.

You will find the answers to the following questions :

  • What was Billy Wong's Mince pie eating record last year?
  • Why is Liz wearing swimming goggles?
  • What has a giraffe got to do with Xmas?
  • What gifts have they received under the Xmas tree?

Thank you very much for listening to our podcasts in 2011.

We wish you a belter of a Merry Christmas, a very Happy Holiday and an absolutely tremendous New Year!

If, after the festive holiday you want to develop your business in the EU and beyond, get in touch. Find your local office using this link and click on the map or send us an email on and we'll find it for you.

See you in 2012!

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