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largest support network for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) with international ambitions. We help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make the most of business opportunities in the EU and beyond.

We have thousands of local experts providing support to access finance, help you research your markets and find international partners. There's a link at the bottom of this page to find your local office.
This podcast tells the story of one client, let's call him Torquil.
Yes, that's his real name.
We tell the story of how our FREE services will support his dream. His dream is to develop his innovative product called the Human Energy Storage Unit (HESU), a device that can charge batteries from human emotion.
His new battery technology could be world beating, but he needs our support.  
Torquil is not one of those walk-in robots from the street, he made an appointment.
And he is holding his severed head under his arm.
Fear not! Camille Moran our EEN Specialist advisor is on hand to guide him through our FREE services.
We will help him researching his market. Find partners to work with in emotionless and emotion-full countries. And we will help him access Horizon 2020 funding for innovation to develop his idea further.
Who knows we might even help him re-attach his head.
Find your local Enterprise Europe Network office here. In Scotland and want to contact us? Our website is here and you can email us using

What do you do when your ambitions to sm20161214_190625-01.jpgprogress are frustrated?

And when a solution appears, there is still an obstruction to progress? 

This client story demonstrates how the Enterprise Europe Network can help in even the most extreme situations. 

This Xmas podcast was devised and performed in 40 minutes with some sound effects added later.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New year and look forward to helping you internationalise your business in 2017! 


Love from 

The Enterprise Europe Network Scotland team x


This podcast is about how we helped two Scottish businesses in the food and drink sector. 20161104_110152sm.jpgYou will hear from Susan O’Neill of Alliance Wine and Luke Fenton of Thistly Cross Cider tell us about what that did for their business (and can do for your business) if you want to expand or grow your business internationally.


Alliance Wine based in Beith and with an office in London, were founded in 1984 by Christian Bouteiller and Jonathan Kennett. They both make wine themselves, and they work hand in hand with producers, to produce a wine that has a soul, personality, character, sense of place and a story attached to it.
Their relationship with Enterprise Europe Network Scotland started in 2010 , enquiring about market information, then we helped define labelling requirements in Poland and Lithuania , then contacts and supermarket information in Denmark , information about an event in 2014 and we organised meetings for them in Poland.

Susan O’Neill, international Sales Manager for Alliance wine sums up what they do and how we helped Alliance Wine.


Thistly Cross Cider was born as a collaboration between farmer Ian Rennie and artist-turned-cider-maker Peter Stuart in 2008.
Five years on, having carved out a name for itself as an award-winning Scottish cider company, Thistly Cross began looking to expand its overseas markets with the help of Enterprise Europe Network Scotland. Their first contact with Enterprise Europe Network was in 2011 and in 2013, Enterprise Europe Network Scotland helped the East Lothian-based producer establish a commercial partnership by providing international financial data and enabling connections with a pool of potential distributors. Our support allowed Thistly Cross to explore opportunities in an exciting Nordic market. They travelled to Finland and met with three distributors returning to Scotland with a commercial contract and the company’s first order.
Enterprise Europe Network provided contacts, funding opportunities and partnership details.

Luke Fenton, Export Manager at Thistly Cross Cider explains what they do and what we did. Here's a link to the full story.


How can we help your business? If you are considering international markets or are already in international markets and want to expand , get in touch. Our services are fully funded by Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the EC, what have you got to lose?

If you are a food and drink company, email and if you are not in food and drink, email us on to be connected with your Scottish sector specialist linking you into our network of valuable on the ground information and support.

Not in Scotland? Find your local office here :

Our next episode will be our Xmas episode. Each year we save Xmas. Will we manage it this year?


In this episode, Ken finds out about the fully funded coaching integrated coach-407290_960_720_1_.jpginto the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme. 

He talks to Bernd Reichert, Head of Unit for SMEs in the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) in Brussels. Bernd explains the reasons for integrating (and funding) the coaching service within SME Instrument. Jasper Hemmes, coaching manager in EASME talks about the unexpected results companies experience. 
The ability to "see ourselves as others see us" (from the poem To a Louse by the Scottish poet Robert Burns) is a gift few of us take advantage of. Coaching offers an outsiders view. It reveals things business owners no longer see, whether that is shabby carpet or a major omission in their business model or team.

There is evidence that businesses who receive coaching support stay on the market longer than those that do not. 

Don Cullinane, is a business innovation coach for SME Instrument. He tells Ken about being on both sides of the coaching process. 

Alison Munro director of Sector Innovation at Scottish Enterprise talks about the value of coaching in the context of current Scottish business support. 
And finally, Camille Moran explains how coaches are appointed to companies. 
Want to become a coach? You can register to become a coach here.
Need to get up to speed on SME Instrument? Listen to our previous shows 

Better still, if you are based in Scotland, get in touch by leaving a comment on this page. Email or contact us on twitter @eenscotland . 
Thank you for listening.

Welcome to podcast episode 108 when we 20160823_162535.jpgtalk about doing business in China and India. 

In a recent thought piece by David Leven, Scottish Development International's head of Greater China, he said that building on our relationship with China can mean big opportunities for Scottish companies because China is transforming quickly and needs to find ways to deal with issues such as pollution, financial services reform and how to build up its healthcare system.
In 2016, India surpassed China in economic growth for the first time and now leads the world's major economies.  And with a vibrant, cash-rich and rapidly expanding middle-class of 50 million (expected to reach 200 million by 2020, according to Ernst and Young) India's consumer market is likely to the world's largest by 2030.
All of this provides massive opportunities for businesses in Scotland. Because our knowledge, our experience, our technology are second to none and our premium goods and services are all things that both countries need and want and that they are prepared to pay for. 
So if you are thinking about internationalising your business into china  and India, we can help. 
Enterprise Europe Network has offices in more than 60 countries and there are many success stories for example. Here are two.

EEN Success story : In "Crossing cultures to find the perfect wine match", London-based wine importers Lakhtar Singh and John Nakami (Global Wines Direct) noticed a gap in their market and dreamed of creating their own unique, branded wine that would perfectly accompany Indian and Nepalese cuisine.

EEN Success Story : Bringing Arcadia to China the Spiropoulos family winery used the EEN business cooperation database and contact within one of the Network's Chinese branches, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, to compile a list of reliable distributors. We discussed our cooperation database in a previous episode.

Scottish Development International has provided services across the world for more than 20 years. Contact our valued and experienced colleagues Uzair Syed and Huishan Chapman in the High Growth Market Unit to utilise their experience and knowledge. 
The opportunities and challenges are available now. 
Contact us to get practical guidance on selling your goods and services into China and India, with trade missions, information events business matchmaking and networking events as well as free advice from people like Huishan and Uzair on the ground who’s job it is to help you make a success of your business.

Enterprise Europe Network and in Scottish Development International in Scotland cover everything that you could need because we've been supporting businesses on the ground in most countries for many years. 

Contact me, Uzair or  Huishan or call  0300 013 3385

And if there was one overriding message it is this : “Don’t wait, act now” .

Get along to The SME China Forum on 21 September in Glasgow. 

In Scotland and want to find out more about EU funding and internationalising your business? 
Email us at,contact us on twitter (@eenscotland) or leave a comment on this page and we will get right back to you.
Thanks for listening!

This podcast features NetThings, a ScottishLake_Erie_Sunset_with_fish_net.jpg company that was recently successful in getting their project funded through the Eurostars Programme.  

Eurostars supports the development of rapidly marketable innovative products, processes and services that help improve the daily lives of people around the world. You can get 60% funding to work on your own project with one collaborative partner. And the programme enjoys one of the best success rates in the EU funding field, on average 23%.

Ian Clark, NetThings' marketing manager describes why and how they applied and gives us his top tips for a successful application.

If you are interested in Eurostars, get in touch, we can help you apply and make your application as good as it can be! 
The UK National Contact Point for Eurostars Graham Mobbs described Eurostars in a very concise 10 minutes a few podcasts ago, we recommend you listen to H2020 Hacks: Eurostars Super-tips!

In fact over the years have made three podcasts about Eurostars including the first podcast to feature a dream sequence and the first podcast to be recorded on a train

The links mentioned in this podcast: 

  • The Eurostars website is here
  • Find your local Enterprise Europe Network branch now for these free services including getting your profile into our system. Your next international business partner may be closer than you think. Find your local office here
  • Find your the latest list of EEN Matchmaking events here
In Scotland and want to find out more about EU funding and internationalising your business? Email us at,contact us on twitter (@eenscotland) or leave a comment on this page and we will get right back to you.
Thanks for listening!
When you expand your business


 to another country, you need competent and trustworthy partners. 

The Enterprise Europe Network helps you find them. 

Our business database contains thousands of company profiles. 
This podcast is about how you can use the Enterprise Europe Network business database to raise the international profile of your business and find amazing and unique partners to manufacture, distribute co-develop and supply your products, ideas and business.

Ken Gordon caught up with Tim Benzie, one of our EEN business profile experts to find out how you can use this unique database.

With hundreds of new company profiles added every week, our business cooperation database is one of the worlds largest and uniquely it covers a broad range of technologies, sectors and opportunities. When you get in touch with the Network, we enter your cooperation offer or request into the database. You will then receive updates on companies interested in the same kind of cross-border business as you.

In Scotland and interested in submitting your profile? 
Email us at or contact us on twitter (we are @eenscotland) or leave a comment on this page and we will get right back to you.

Not in Scotland?  Contact your local Enterprise Europe Network branch now for these free services – your next international business partner may be closer than you think. Find their contact details here

This months podcast is all about the business to business (B2B) partner brokerage services that our network holds around the world, usually as part of a major technology or sector conference.

We have organised four in the last month, so Ken thought this would be a great time to ask Karen how they work and get some tips about how to get the most from them.
The B2B events offer the opportunity to add to your conference experience by arranging short 20 minute meetings with people who want to meet you. Your company will be publicised through the B2B catalog and website that is active after the event as well as before, and the practical sit-down nature of the meetings mean you can bring your product along to show off first hand. 
And of course when your meeting is successful and you want to develop your relationships, the EEN is here to provide you with local tailored support to move things on.
You can find your nearest and next event on the Enterprise Europe Network website here.
In this podcast our events coordinator Nikki joined us to keep us on the right track and retained a dignified silence throughout. A bit like our former colleague Billy Wong, who you can hear (or more specifically not hear) in this episode from 2012.

In Scotland and interested in attending a B2B event? Email us at or contact us on twitter (we are @eensotland) or leave a comment on this page and we will get right back to you.

Not in Scotland and wondering where YOUR local EEN is? 
Do not worry, our network covers more than 60 countries, so we are likely to have valued colleagues in your country that will help you in exactly the same way that we help our Scottish companies. 
Find your local office contact details on the list on  or drop us an email or a comment on this page and we'll find out and send you the details. 
Welcome to our second show of two thousand and sixteen, a consolidation of all our 


H2020 SME Instrument Hacks in this podcast include tips from valued network colleagues, Jo Oliver from Avanticell and Adam Christie from Calcivis, two successful applicants.
For 7 years we have been providing support to Scottish companies who are interested in European funding for research and development and if they decide to apply, we provide guidance and access to the best experts available to make sure their applications are as good as they can be and this applies to all the funding in Horizon 2020: the main programme, SME Instrument, Eurostars and Fast Track to Innovation. Even if you are not quite sure if they suit your business, we are here to help you make your mind up and our services are funded by Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the European Commission and so to you (if you are in Scotland) they are free.

Our knowledge and our support services have increased significantly since the start of Horizon 2020 and so there will be more Hacks as we gain more insight into the evaluation processes, so please subscribe to our podcast to make sure you don’t miss out.  
Recently, Scottish company Holixica secured €1.28 million from The SME Instrument to help the firm develop its medical imaging technology( More here) and phase 2 winners automatically qualify for free business coaching and support to help commercialise their innovative projects. 
The Enterprise Europe Network, now in more than 60 countries, is here to help you decide whether to apply, what to apply for, to find collaborative partners for your project if you need them, and then to help you make the best possible application for funding under Horizon 2020. 

For some of the programmes you need a partner organisation, but not for all. For some you can even work on your own project idea. So what are you waiting for?

In Scotland? Email us at, contact us on our twitter @eenscotland or leave a comment on the show notes page for this podcast and we’ll get right back to you.

Not in Scotland and wondering where YOUR local EEN is? Our network covers more than 60 countries! So we are likely to have valued colleagues in your country that will help you in exactly the same way that we help our Scottish companies. Find your local office contact details on the list on  or drop us an email or a comment on this page and we'll find out and send you the details. 

Happy New Year!

Our first podcast of 2016 is a look back at the best bits of 2105 and who better to select the clips than the newest member of our team Karen Blyth!

The shows featured in our podcast : 

Horizon 2020 SME vouchers that give companies up to £5000 to engage in developing a project application for Horizon 2020 in collaboration with a Scottish University. H2020 Hacks: All about Scottish SME support vouchers

SME Instrument application tips from our network colleagues :  H2020 Hacks - SME Instrument Secrets from another place!

All about Fast Track to Innovation and application tips :  H2020 Hacks - Fast Track to Innovation - all you need to know

And we had our SME Instrument client stories : 

Avanticell H2020 Hacks - successful application tips from a winner!

Calcivis H2020 Hacks: SME Instrument Phase 2 success story with bite!

Graham Mobbs told us about Eurostars : H2020 Hacks: Eurostars Super-tips!

If you are interested in applying to any of the funding programmes in the above podcasts, get in touch. We have an array of free support tools to help you refine your application.

We had two new voices from our team in our Christmas podcast : When Santa Got Stuck with No Chimneys

We hope you agree this episode is filled with Facts Figures and Fun. Please listen to the full shows, where there is much more information about these topics.

We look forward to a whole load of new podcasts in 2016 filled with helpful tips and information that will help Scottish businesses Innovate, Internationalise and get investment.

Are you wondering where YOUR local EEN is? Our network covers more than 50 countries! So we are likely to have valued colleagues in your country that will help you. Find your local office contact details on the list on this page or drop us an email or a comment on this page and we'll send you the details. It's good to connect up and they are all very helpful people.


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