December 18, 2015

When Santa Got Stuck with No Chimneys

Welcome to our 2015 Xmas podcast, a completely IMG_20151207_185921sm.jpgimprovised episode, devised and recorded in 40 minutes. It was supposed to be an hour but someone needed the room. 

This episode is set on earth the near future when humans live and work in tall high rise buildings in the clouds and the whole of the Enterprise Europe network (yes, all 600 organisations) are in the same building.
Xmas is threatened when Santa's sleigh develops a problem. 
  • Will the EEN Scotland team manage to fix the problem in time? 
  • Will they get pompoms like Elvis the Elf and 
  • Why did they not get an invite to the Brazilian EEN party downstairs?
Listen and find out! 
Enterprise Europe Network Scotland wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
We look forward to helping your business make the most of EU opportunities in Europe and beyond in 2016. 
Not in Scotland? Well that's a shame. You can find your local office here 
Our valued colleagues are all as nice as us but just don't wear tartan as often ... or beards.

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