December 19, 2014

The Secret Santa Adventure

Every year the Enterprise Europe Network 10392368_957409047606763_280935558575599Scotland team have a team Christmas lunch and this year Ken and Jane were on their way to the restaurant when Ken remembered he had forgotten his "Secret Santa" gift (explanation if required) !

They decide to quickly visit the Glasgow German Christmas Market and stumble upon a surprise while trying on hats that saves all the children round the world. Yes, we're that good!

  • Caution, this podcast features Scottish elves.
  • Scottish Elves are a thing.
  •  .... (sigh) no, not Scottish Elvis, that's a different thing.

Huge thanks to Jake Watters for the toy sound effects; Jake, you have amazing toys!

To all of our listeners where ever you are, from all of the Enterprise Europe Network Scotland team, have a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Our next podcast will be our best of 2014 podcast. See you in 2015!

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