This months podcast is all about the business to business (B2B) partner brokerage services that our network holds around the world, usually as part of a major technology or sector conference.

We have organised four in the last month, so Ken thought this would be a great time to ask Karen how they work and get some tips about how to get the most from them.
The B2B events offer the opportunity to add to your conference experience by arranging short 20 minute meetings with people who want to meet you. Your company will be publicised through the B2B catalog and website that is active after the event as well as before, and the practical sit-down nature of the meetings mean you can bring your product along to show off first hand. 
And of course when your meeting is successful and you want to develop your relationships, the EEN is here to provide you with local tailored support to move things on.
You can find your nearest and next event on the Enterprise Europe Network website here.
In this podcast our events coordinator Nikki joined us to keep us on the right track and retained a dignified silence throughout. A bit like our former colleague Billy Wong, who you can hear (or more specifically not hear) in this episode from 2012.

In Scotland and interested in attending a B2B event? Email us at or contact us on twitter (we are @eensotland) or leave a comment on this page and we will get right back to you.

Not in Scotland and wondering where YOUR local EEN is? 
Do not worry, our network covers more than 60 countries, so we are likely to have valued colleagues in your country that will help you in exactly the same way that we help our Scottish companies. 
Find your local office contact details on the list on  or drop us an email or a comment on this page and we'll find out and send you the details. 
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