June 1, 2015

H2020 Hacks - successful application tips from a winner!

Welcome to our May podcast, show number 98!

You might have noticed (if you are a regular listener) that we talk about the amazing funding opportunities for small businesses that lie in the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument and we do our best to give you the best information and tips for success. This month, we have a treat for you dear listeners; this show features an SME Instrument success story from an innovative Scottish organisation called Avanticell, who were successful in applying for SME Instrument phase 1.

AvantiCell Science Ltd was founded by Jo Oliver and Colin Wilde in 2006 to exploit know-how and proprietary technology for the culture of mammalian cells. Their technology has developed to encompass 3D cell-based analysis, and the ability to handle and analyse a wide range of test materials.  They decided to apply to SME Instrument and their journey to success is filled with learning for us all.

How did they do it? Jo Oliver CEO of Avanticell offers their tips including :

  • The project has got to fit with your corporate direction; if it doesn’t then SME Instrument is probably not for you.
  • ... you have got to approach the application process as if it was a business plan. Your technology might be incredibly exciting to you but you must refrain from going into too much detail and keep focussed on the business plan, you’ve got to convince a group of people, the assessors, to part with relatively small sums of money in the first instance but assuming you are doing this with the intention of going on to a phase 2 application, with much bigger sums of money involved, how would you convince a group of investor? It’s exactly the same argument you have to address in your application.

  • The competition analyses I think is very important, it is important in any aspect of business that you know who you are up against, and you need to demonstrate that you understand that  and  how you are different, why are you going to win and they are not going to win, and so that side of it is absolutely vital.

Jo also comments on their use of their own template.

And of course Jo advises to engage with European Enterprise Network very early on the process.

Jo made use of the extensive support we offer, and our services are free!  So if you are in Scotland and you have a project application ready for SME Instrument, please get in touch.

Pretty much every company we speak to in Scotland that is successful in SME Instrument has a unique story to tell and there will be more success stories in future podcasts.

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