October 7, 2014

H2020 Hacks Europe!

Welcome to our latest our latest Horizon 2020 Hacks podcast.

Regular listeners will know that the Enterprise Europe Network spans more than 50 countries and we have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience that you can use to develop your business. Oh ... and our services are FREE as well. 

Our H2020 Hacks series is aimed at giving you practical tips that will give help you decided whether you should apply and if you do, that will enhance your project application, giving it the best chance of success. 

We thought you'd be getting tired hearing our voices, so we recently asked our colleagues to record their three top tips for success.

And so without further ado ... Ladies & gentlemen, animals of the world & sentient beings across the universe (you never know) , we present ... Horizon 2020 tips from our network colleagues in Catalonia and Northern Germany!

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The Enterprise Europe Network helps you develop your business. Our services are fully funded by your local organisations and the EC, so they are FREE!
While we help Scottish businesses only, we have valued colleagues providing the same services in more than 50 countries in nearly 600 organisations. F
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