October 6, 2015

Episode 100 - how did it come to this?

Welcome to the Enterprise Europe Network Scotland podcast EPISODE 100!

You may have noticed a gap in our regular podcast schedule and that is because we have been developing and bedding in our new European Funding support service. Details at the bottom of this page.

We hope you’ve had a great summer. The Scottish Summer is unique perhaps in that it is when you notice parts of your house are not watertight but we’re a hardy bunch and will wear kilts, sandals and eat ice cream in the rain. The summer clothes are now back in the cupboard and autumn is upon us.

We couldn’t let this special occasion pass without a look back at some of the old episodes.

We have talked about our free business services in the context of cowboy’s meeting in a bar in the The Last Chance Saloon for FP7, we met ourselves 100 years in the future in Our EEN Services 100 years in the future. which turned into a sci-fi-meets-business-support story arc covering two episodes (Doing Business in the Benelux and The Return of Eric the Dog) and we talked about Eurostars funding on a train (Eurostars goes to Falkirk)! 

No trains were hurt in the making of that podcast.

We even recorded a podcast "live" in front of an audience in Dublin - Enterprise Europe Network Live in Dublin . You can hear in our voices how edgy we were when faced with a big audience.

Our seasonal shows have included our Halloween specials ( It’s Halloween 2012!), where our first silent character Billy Wong (who is a real person) made the first of several appearances and here’s a little known fact. Billy speaks for the first and only time at the end of our April 29th 2012 episode called The Return of Eric the Dog .

On the subject of Eric the Dog, he joined us for some shows, got lost in the future and when we got him back he was a robot and ( oh ... spoilers) just listen to …Our EEN Services 100 years in the future. Doing Business in the Benelux and The Return of Eric the Dog.

Each year we have festive fun when we make a Xmas Special and without spoiling things too much, we always end up saving Christmas. In 2012, we even explained how the great Fire of London (Who stole Xmas?) and more recently helped Santa's elves deliver presents using our amazing network colleagues.

Thanks one and all to those valued colleagues who joined in including former team members, artists, geniuses and poets all, who were part of our podcast team : Anis Mourad, Liz McNeil, Billy Wong, April Kelly, Brian Connolly, Lesley Ann Doyle and Stephen Armstrong.

OUR NEW SERVICES - if you are a small company (SME) based in Scotland and have an application to make to H2020, Fast track to Innovation, SME Instrument or Eurostars get in touch.

We have free proposal analysis, accessing our unique and evolving knowledge that help you shape your organisation to present the best, most polished application possible. It is free, more comprehensive than before and so if you’re based in Scotland and are applying for funding under Horizon 2020, SME Instrument, Fast Track to Innovation or Eurostars.

Follow us on twitter @eenscotland and follow our valued colleagues in the UK on @EEN_UK for news, tips and events.

Give yourself a head start in proposal writing by subscribing to the Enterprise Europe Scotland YouTube Channel and watching our SME Instrument evaluator top tips videos. 

We'd better get on with podcast 101. Stay tuned!

Are you wondering where YOUR local EEN is? Our network covers more than 50 countries! So we are likely to have valued colleagues in your country that will help you. Find your local office contact details on the list on this page or drop us an email or a comment on this page and we'll send you the details. It's good to connect up and they are all very helpful people.

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