April 29, 2012

The Return of Eric the Dog

What is a normal day in the life of the Enterprise A StationeryCupboard like oursEurope Network Scotland team?

Does it involve :

  1. Coffee, shortbread, wearing tweed and learning Scottish Highland dances?
  2. Or does it include investigating a portal to the future that appears in the stationary cupboard (Billy's favourite place) in the middle of recording an episode about Framework Programme 7 , the EU's prime source of funding for collaborative R&D?

If you thought 2 was right give yourself ten points!

WARNING : One member of the team "dies" and one team member returns. Which one will it be? One thing is certain, things will never be the same again for the EEN Scotland team.

This podcast is the culmination of our sci-fi-meets-business-support story that started in Our EEN Services 100 years in the future, continued in Doing Business in the Benelux. Please listen and comment.

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