April 1, 2012

Doing Business in the Benelux

Our last podcast was rudely interrupted  flag_of_benelux.pngby a bit of time travel but let's face it, these things happen sometimes.

This is our second attempt to tell you about the advantages of doing business in The Benelux, the economic union in Europe comprising three neighbouring countries, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Belgium is not all beer chocolate and waffles. It is a major logistics hub, the centre of the EU and the home of NATO and many international organisations . Key sectors are very similar to those in Scotland (surprise surprise) chemicals, healthcare, food & drink and with renewable energy being particularity strong.

The Netherlands is often an earlier adopter of new technologies (pay attention Scottish innovators) and the key sectors include medical, pharmaceuticals products, chemical sciences, ICT and food & drink. Can you name a famous Dutch footballer? We name two!

Luxembourg has the highest standard stand of living in the world. They like a flag blowing in the wind and Ken reminisces about his misspent youth illegally listening to Radio Luxembourg (208 on the medium wave) an important forerunner of pirate radio! While we wait for the police to arrive for Ken, please consider the following questions:

  • Which countries should you be suited and booted for meeting?
  • What joke will Liz attempt this time and why does she want to leave the podcast team?
  • Will they be interrupted by anther bit of time travel and why is Anis limping?

If you want to expand your business in Europe and want free support from the worlds largest business network, get in touch.

Call our Glasgow number 01412282797 , email info@enterprise-europe-scotland.com or drop a request in the comment box on this podcast and we'll be in touch.

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